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Step into our world - experience the power of virtually anything...

Virtual reality in mining

sts3D is a leading provider of virtual reality learning solutions for clients in the mining industry.  

We make a significant contribution to the safety of mine workers through our safety training programmes and interactive learning environments.

Visualize anything

In the virtual world, anything is possible.  We show the things you can’t see, making it easier to explain concepts and transfer knowledge to learners.  

We engage learners through interactive, virtual and immersive experiences. We bring learning to life by adding depth and perception to training and allowing learners to interact with virtual work environments

Solutions with impact

In this era of life-long learning, welcome to ‘learning solutions with impact.

Our methodology is based on engaging learners through interactive and immersive experiences, delivered in bite-sized lessons, deployed on mobile devices, with results captured and reported in a web-based LMS, and records kept in the ‘cloud’.