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What is the web LMS?

The sts3D web LMS is a ‘new generation’ learning management system – it enables the use of immersive virtual reality learning and game technology – providing training solutions with impact.

 The sts3D web LMS – a browser-based, on-line learning management system for the deployment of virtual reality based hazard identification and safety management programs – has been adapted to deploy a range of e-learning programs – induction, skills lessons, management courses. These can be deployed on a range of platforms – on PCs, laptops, tablets and clickers.


  • Build own content in pdf format
  • Set own questions & answers
  • Deploy via clickers
  • Distribute learning on-line to a multitude of sites
  • Exploit the power of immersive virtual reality for highly effective simulation training


  • Fast Section 54 re-training
  • Ease legal compliance
  • Hazard identification training
  • Visualise geological conditions
  • Pinpoint learner problems – reducing the cost of training.


  • Standard training delivery
  • Ensure accurate assessments
  • Easy to compile reports – sort and filter
  • Automatic reporting of results – e-mail top management
  • Reduce reliance on subject matter experts to present training


  • Learn at own pace
  • Can repeat when needed
  • Audio presents language options
  • Virtual reality promotes comprehension
  • See, hear, decide, click – interactivity improves retention