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Sts3D can provide a wide range of e-learning content solutions.  Our expertise lie in the development of interactive training solutions, using animation, virtual reality and story telling to create memorable training experiences.  We have a large content library available for customisation or we can develop new content.  Our training content includes:

  • Hazard identification in mines
  • smelters
  • processing and construction
  • Checklists for workplace examination and equipment inspection
  • Geological features in underground and open cast mines
  • Safety procedures and fatal risk management protocols
  • Product demonstrations and promotions
  • Step-by-step visual job instructions
  • Induction programmes
  • Adoption of new technology
  • Supervisory management tools
  • Leadership behaviour modelling


With the sts3D web LMS learning management system you will be able to deploy immersive virtual reality and gaming technology to provide training solutions with impact. Our web LMS is a browser-based, on-line learning management system that allows you to deploy learning content via the web to various platforms, including PC’s, laptops and tablets. You can even use clickers to train employees in groups.

To learn more about web LMS, visit our webLMS page.